Rondinaud Slippers

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For men and women.

The Rondinaud slipper is renowned in France for its quality, comfort, and unique history. The "charentaise" silhouette of slipper gets its name from the Charente region of France, during the reign of Louis XIV, when servants and houseworkers were made to wear the shoes as to walk quietly and without creating wear on hardwood flooring. The slippers were made from felt scraps leftover from military uniforms. In 1907 , the Rondinaud company began manufacturing the charentaise style slipper, but invigorated the classic style with bright prints like scottish tartan and various colours. The Rondinaud charentaise slippers are an exceptional home staple for men and women, as they are comfortable, timeless and durable.

  • Outer: Felt
  • Inner: Wool
  • Made in France

Colour guide: 

Tartan = Rouge

Black with white piping= Noir

Grey with red piping= Charcoal with red

Grey with white piping= Charcoal with white

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Rondinaud Slippers
Rondinaud Slippers