Katharina Hovman TAFT TOP LONG

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The all-rounder for hot summer days! Our plain top in a slight A-shape is ultra-no-fuss and can be optimally combined with our pants and blouses in terms of colours and styles. Our tip: Create a complete outfit with a suit-style look!

  • Submarine neckline
  • Slight A-Shape
  • Short variation
  •  Microfibertaft- 100% polyester
  • lightweight items with a fine gloss that weigh just 80 grams, that can travel with you trouble-free and be washed, then dried in two hours and worn again.
  • Please make very sure that you follow the instructions for care and cleaning. The most important one first: PLEASE DO NOT IRON!!!
  • Made in Europe
Katharina Hovman TAFT TOP LONG
Katharina Hovman TAFT TOP LONG