Raplapla Leo the dog

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Léo Ferré is not a boring dog for 2 cents. Badly trained, it will still melt your heart and will never cease to amaze you.

He is a vegetarian and enjoys cuddling, despite his grumpy air.

- Sweet. Extra soft even.

- Small and light, babies love to handle it.

- You can slide your hand into her stockings to tickle her feet.

- This dog was not destined to be called Léo Ferré during his gestation but when we saw him boil ... his frizzy ears, this serious little air, this deep gaze ... it's Leo!

- We have not yet discovered his secret, but this dog seduces everyone who crosses him..

- This plush is suitable for babies, from birth.


22 cm. Polyester velor, padded with polyester fibers. Face applied.

This dog has his personal health record.